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Martin Automatic Introduces Compact Splicer/Rewinder

ROCKFORD, IL | PFFC was invited to visit Martin Automatic on March 5 for an exclusive look at the new MBSC/STR compact splicer/rewinder combination. With

Splicing/Rewinding: Martin Automatic Introduces Compact Unit

MBSC/STR combo offers a practical, affordable solution for narrow web converters

Rewind Many Materials

Model RRW-1400 high-speed counter roll rewinder is designed to convert many materials, including gift wrap paper, wallpaper, metallized PP, PP, and PVC

Kampf Enhances Service Offerings

WIEHL, GERMANY Kampf has introduced new service concepts for its slitting and winding machines. Tailor-made services offer a choice between individually

Move Rolls Safely

The battery-powered RollMover is said to increase productivity and ensure worker safety when heavy loads need to be moved. Has the power to move loads

Rollstands for Winding Control

Solution Series shafted rollstands range from a simple A-frame with brakes, safety chucks, and a shaft to more complex systems with closed or open loop

Wind Forward And Reverse

The Centrum CS blown film center surface winder is able to wind in forward and reverse modes. Floating Suspension System is said to provide outstanding

Wind with Less Vibration

The Goebel optiwind two-drum winder handles materials to 7,000 mm at a speed of 3.000 mpm. Variable drum roller geometry is said to enable rollers in

Keep Cores from Deforming

Leaf air shafts reportedly provide the ideal support for thin wall cores of 1 in. or larger to keep cores from deforming during winding. Trapper leaf

Couple Spindles Quickly

EZ-Lock Spindle Coupling Kits now are available for company's Helipath Stand, DIN Adapter, Thermosel, and EZ-Lock Vane Spindle Set. Reportedly, coupling

Winder Is Fast

The WOW winder, designed for stretch film applications, is said to offer higher roll quality, winding speed, winder indexing time, material optimization,

Cores | The Foundation of Winding

Where would you prefer to build your next house on swamp land or solid bedrock? This should be an easy question since it's clear a house starts with the

A Torque Devil Is in the Details

In center winders, like the classic Rolling Stones song, you can't always get what you want. Imagine you need to buy a new center-driven winder or unwinder.

Berry Plastics Gets First WOW Winder

GLOUCESTER, MA | Gloucester Engineering reports Berry Plastics, Evansville, IN, will install the world's first WOW Winder on a Gloucester 11-layer PE

Rewind Equipment: Chic & Sleek

IKEA's line of modern home furnishings is virtually synonymous with the phrase Scandinavian design. But one Sweden-based wallpaper manufacturer was using

Time for Unwinding Upgrade?

How do you know when its time to upgrade from a brake-controlled to a driven unwinding process?

Spool Rules

No longer just limited to paper, film, and foil materials, converting is a critical process for nonwovens and the increasing complexity of laminates

Winding Doesn't Add Up

When things in life are linear, they make sense. Driving two hours usually gets you twice as far as driving one hour. Adding two doughnuts a day to your

The Coefficient of Winding Trouble

In winding, the important coefficient of friction (COF) is always about the two surfaces that will come in contact as the entering layer hits the winding

Custom Core Shafts Do the Job

NEW BERLIN, WI Premier Paper Converting Machinery, a company making machines that produce fiber and corrugated partitions, now offers a custom machine

Winding: What We Know & What We Don't Know

Winding is an amazingly complex process. Our understanding of winding can be broken into three areas: the winding process, winder design, and wound roll

It's 40 Years for IMC

FAIRFIELD, NJ Why does one company survive and thrive for 40 years while many others seem to come and go? PFFC put that question to Bruce Butler, VP of

Web Lines: Thinking About New Equipment?

A new year often brings new budgets and thoughts about new equipment. If you are lucky enough to be handed a project to buy new converting equipment,

Roll Winding Dynamics

Materials today often are more than they may seem at first glance; many are manufactured with non-conventional properties. Label and semi-glossed enamel stocks are engineered

Picking Up the Pace

As press manufacturers continue to introduce presses that can run faster in theory but not necessarily in practice it falls to the manufacturers of register

Ecological Rewinder

| Titan has introduced the twin-shaft Titan ER610 cantilever slitter/rewinder to complement its Titan SR8 model. THE ER610 ecological rewinder is the result of market research, design, and development work by Atlas Converting Equipment and Bobst.

Differential Rewind Shafts

Goldenrod Corp. has released the 1250-DFX model differental shaft, which winds multiple webs of varying guage thicknesses by imparting just the right amount of resistance to the core ID.

Differential Winding Limits: Part II

Differential shafts are great tools, but like any tool, they have their limitations. Last month I covered the complexity of a differential shaft's actual

Differential Winding Limits: Part I

The purpose of differential winding is to apply a desired torque to two or more rolls winding on a single shaft. Differential winding allows multiple rolls to turn at differing speeds, with each roll free to slip at the speed required to compensate for roll-to-roll diameter variations and strand-to-strand length variations.

Slitting & Rewinding Fundamentals for Converters

The CEMA Slitting & Rewinding Fundamentals for Converters Seminar will be held November 13 and 14, 2007, in Minneapolis, MN, and will take you step by step through the best practices techniques in such areas as winding, slitting, cores and cutting, retrofitting, chucks, shafts, spreading, and guiding.

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