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Innovative Handling Provides Overhead Systems


SYLVANIA, OH | Innovative Handling offers overhead systems for a variety of applications from winder unload to roll sortation systems. Each system is custom designed and manufactured to customer specifications.

J-Hook lifting systems, commonly used for rewinder unload applications, are typically rack and pinion but can be designed with a variety of other mechanisms. Most J-hooks are automatic and will lift a full roll with shaft from the winder and set the roll down for shaft extraction. Once the roll has been re-cored, the J-hook system then returns the shaft back into the winder.

C-Hooks are usually used for roll sortation. The C-hook is typically powered with operator controls for roll manipulation but can be automatic based on the end-users design criteria. Typically the C-hook is used to sort rolls by diameter and web width. The sorted roll packages can then be moved by the C-hook onto pallets for cradle packaging or to core vertical packaging.

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