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Static Charges: Production Mishaps and Product Misbehavior

Reducing downtime and maximizing productivity is a key aim for any converter, but the generation of static on production lines poses a major threat to this.

Surface Treatment: The Importance of Getting it Right

With the growth in demand for flexible packaging predicted to continue at a rapid rate for the foreseeable future

Static Gets Worse at Higher Line Speeds: Keys Toward Maintaining Good Static Control

Static charges on webs can cause discharges that can ignite fires, shock operators and damage digital control systems.

HOW TO: Add Web Cleaning on a Budget With Jemmco, LLC

In the realm of web converting processes, ensuring the cleanliness of a substrate is crucial to achieving high-quality results and customer satisfaction.

Surface Tension and Wettability

Key Principles for Quality Production in Converting

Addressing Bio-film/Compostables and Plastic Film Processing Challenges

There are a number of bio-based and other materials becoming available that go some way towards meeting environmental concerns.

Q&A with Enercon’s Sales Director Mike McConnell

Enercon is celebrating its 50th year in business, what has made the company so successful?

Surface Treatment for Wide, Thick & Porous Material IS Possible

Gentle surface treatment and improved adhesion are now possible for wide, thick, porous, hollow, and over-size materials.

Does Winding Generate Static?

Static levels can build on a winding roll even when the entering web is “neutral”

Nick Lucka Promoted to Service & Support Manager

Enercon Industries Corporation has announced the promotion of Nick Lucka to the role of Service and Support Manager.

Reducing Waste in the Production Line

Sustainability remains a key talking point within the converting industry, and this makes it more important than ever that sustainable measures are put in place throughout all parts of the production line.

Leadership in Converting through Static Control Solutions

TAKK Industries is an early innovator in the static elimination field, originating best in class static control solutions since 1943.

When Performance Matters Specify Enercon Corona Treaters

More converters and film extruders specify Enercon surface treaters than any other brand. And with good reason.

Solutions for Guaranteed Adhesion

SOFTAL Corona & Plasma manufactures surface treatment systems for foil, film, web, paper, foam and more.

Vetaphone – the first and best in surface treatment

Vetaphone has more knowledge and experience of surface treatment than any other manufacture in the industry.

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