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American Coated Products; Zionsville, IN; Corey Ford / Larry Ford; 317-733-4444; | Company Buyers Guide Listing 

Brady Coated Products; Milwaukee, WI; Tim Kremer; 800-662-1191; | Company Buyers Guide Listing 

D & K Coating Technologies; Elk Grove Village, IL; Tom Pidgeon; 800-632-2314; | Company Buyers Guide Listing

DUNMORE Corporation; Bristol, PA; Michael Sullivan; 215-781-8895; | Company Buyers Guide Listing

Dunmore stands for quality in coated, laminated and metallized films.

Filmquest Group, Inc.; Bolingbrook, IL; John Felinski; 630-226-9800; | Company Buyers Guide Listing |

Premier Film Supplier to the Flexible Packaging Industry.

Impex Global, LLC; Houston, TX; Ash Shah; 281-416-4449; | Company Buyers Guide Listing 

Lamin8, a divison of The CLI Group; Paterson, NJ; Daren Silverstein; 973-279-9174; | Company Buyers Guide Listing |

Converters of textiles, nonwovens, papers and films into custom-engineered products and materials

Metlon Corp.; Cranston, RI; Wayne Etchells; 401-467-3435; | Company Buyers Guide Listing |

Custom Slitting and Traverse Winding.

Nichols Paper Products; Nichols, WI; Brian Dahlin; 800-558-8010; | Company Buyers Guide Listing Custom Wide Web Printing & Laminating to 74" Wide. Since 1950.

Technical Coating International; Leland, NC; David Stanbury; 910-371-0860; | Company Buyers Guide Listing |

90" Width Capability, Custom Coating Fabrics, Films and Papers.