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Static Gets Worse at Higher Line Speeds: Keys Toward Maintaining Good Static Control

Static charges on webs can cause discharges that can ignite fires, shock operators and damage digital control systems.

Does Winding Generate Static?

Static levels can build on a winding roll even when the entering web is “neutral”

Do Not Ruin a Good Thing... Practice Good Static Control in Slitting

Good static control is needed in slitting because this is often the last production operation before shipping to the customer.

Suppress Static Sparks to Protect Sensitive Coatings

Static Sparks Cause Thermal Damage Causing Holes or Voids in Thin Coating

Automating Static Control with Online Monitors

Can we “automate” static control so that we do not have to devote time and resources to fighting static problems?

Static Control for Dryers Prevents Ignition

Dryer static control has two objectives: prevent fires and neutralize static charges on the webs exiting dryers. First, let’s look at ignition risks.

Prevent Opening Failures of Bags and Pouches with Good Static Control

Static control is important for operator safety, manufacturing productivity and product quality.

Maintaining Static Control Three Ways to Lock in Good Performance

Static control is important for operator safety, manufacturing productivity and product quality.

Static Dissipater Installation Affects Performance

How do we install static dissipaters so that they work? How do we know if they work?

Static Measurements Guide Problem Solving

How do we solve static problems? What is the root cause of the problem?

Taking Control of Static

Why do products get static? What is static? And, how do we get rid of it?

Measure Static in Wound Rolls

Audit static on finished rolls and on incoming materials to prevent problems.

Diagnose Static Problems With A Handheld Static Meter

Handheld fieldmeters are our workhorse tools for solving static problems.

Static Control for Corona Treaters

Corona treaters can deposit very large amounts of static on web.

Static Control for Labels

Labels are prone to static failures because cut sheets are more sensitive to static than continuous webs.

Static Control for Flexographic Printing

Control static to prevent sparks where the printed web exits the central impression drum.

Static Control for Adhesive Lamination

Prevent static from becoming laminated inside a multi-layer web using best-practice static control.

Static Beat | Assess Static Risks Using Electric Fields

Handheld fieldmeters are excellent tools for diagnosing static problems. Using a fieldmeter, how do we know if we have a problem? What do our static reading really mean?

Static Beat | Static Control for Nip Rollers

A nip roller can deposit a lot of static. Put a static dissipator exiting a nip facing the web surface that touched the polymer nip roller.

Static Beat | Use Static Splices with Metallized Films

Static splices suppress sparks from metallized webs and films with conducting traces when splices pass over metal rollers.

Static Beat | Static Control for Films with Conductive Layers

Sparks from metallized webs and films with conducting traces are difficult to suppress because static control devices are ineffective.

Static Beat | Control Static on a Winding Roll

Suppress static sparks on winding rolls to protect operators from shocks, release layers from damage, and labels from blocking.

Static Beat | 'GeeZE' Rules for Static Readings

Follow the 3 ‘GeeZE’ rules for taking repeatable, reliable static readings.

Static Beat | Verifying Static Dissipator Performance

How can we tell if a static bar or a tinsel strand is working?

Static Beat | Install Static Dissipators So They Work Effectively

Kelly Robinson offers 3 key points on how dissipators work so your system is installed properly.

Static Beat | How To Solve Static Problems Quickly

Annual static training is a good way to gain knowledge to prevent problems or solve them fast

Static Beat | Keep a Good Thing Going!

Your line is running well. Now you need to maintain good static performance. Here's how.

Static Beat | Dissipators Work Where Only 1 Side Has Static

Is it really necessary to install 2 static dissipators? Before you throw me out, let me explain!

Static Beat | Control Static on Insulating Webs in Dryers

How to protect solvent dryers/ovens from sparks caused by static on insulating webs.

Static Problems with Metallized Webs

Metallized webs have static problems, too!

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