Monomer Has Many Uses

CD420 UV/EB-curable monomer fits a wide range of applications, including specialty coatings for metals and plastics, inkjet and screen inks, and adhesives.

Coating Aids Shelf Life

R-2462 water-based coating allows converters to achieve oxygen barrier properties on films and papers that extend the shelf life of products. When applied

Barrier Films: SiOx Barrier Benefits

Consumers are continuously changing their eating and purchasing behavior. A century ago, food was bought fresh and directly from the source the farmer,

Teeth, Carton: Both Shine

An Aquafresh White & Shine toothpaste carton from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is awarded the 2010 Greener Package Award by Packaging World magazine

Coating Adds Barrier to PLA

NanoSeal coating technology is said to improve moisture vapor and oxygen barriers on clear, biodegradable PLA packaging films. The coating system also

Coating Suited for Freezer Use

Freezer Release Coating is called an eco-friendly, across-the-board solution that will reduce waste and increase profitability in corrugated applications.

Coating Has High Impact Strength

PC-32000 coating is said to offer properties similar to standard Teflon coatings but with higher wear and impact strength at high temperatures. With a

New Water-Based Paper Coating Technology Offers High OGR

Aqua Based Technologies, a div.of ADM Tronics, has introduced a new water-based, repulpable, biodegradable, high OGR (oil and grease resistant), environmentally-safe coating for the paper converting and packaging industry

Technical Report: Thin Coating Challenges

A major trend in the development of new web coated products is the requirement to coat thin, functional coatings on a thin substrate. The advantages of

Change Coatings Quickly

The VersaCoater DocuMate Plus UV coater features built-in IR designed to handle wax-infused inks. Compact, user-friendly coater is compatible with photographic,

Get High Bond Strength

Polaqua 103-L lamination and printing primer is designed for PP and a range of other films. Said to provide high bond strengths using only minute application

Ink Has High Bond Values

PolarTek universal flexo white laminating ink reportedly can be used over many existing ink systems to deliver high bond values with all laminating processes,

Mondi To Invest In New Coater

JLICH, GERMANY | Mondi Jlich GmbH, one of five release liner plants of Mondi Coatings in Europe, will install a new coater at its Koslar location within

Emulsion Improves Resistance

Michem Guard 7140 is a versatile and efficient new water-based, large-particle emulsion said to improve rub and abrasion resistance in pigmented and semi-gloss

Primer Is Tough

Polaqua 710 water-based primer is said to provide excellent resistance to grease, oil, and moisture using only small quantities. Suited for paper and

Overprint Varnish Is HP Approved

DigiGuard UV-curable OPV cures and dries the instant it's exposed to UV light to form tough protective surfaces on paper and film printed on HP Indigo

MPI Ups Release Liner Production

WINCHESTER, MA | MPI Release has added an 87-in.-wide Polytype thermal coater to increase production of silicone-coated release liner at its Greenfield,

COIM Buys PUR Business

WEST DEPTFORD, NJ | COIM USA has agreed to buy Air Products' polyurethane pre-polymers business, marketed under the Airthane and Versathane tradenames.

Coat Demanding Products

Aqualene 2300 is designed as a repulpable coating that can be used for a wide range of paper packaging uses. Said to be an alternative to LDPE and to

Flue Filter

Cantel Medical Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, is incorporating Biosafe antimicrobial additive in a number of products, including the Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Mask.

Heat Seal Has No VOCs

Latiseal B7707AR water-based heat seal is said to provide perfectly bonded recycled RPET blister packages and will not crystallize over time. Reported

Primer for High Bonds

Polaqua 507 water-based p rimer is said to be well suited for extrusion and laminations to clay-coated paper surfaces. Company says highest bond strengths

Seeing Clearly

Recession! What recession? As one of the world's leading manufacturers of solar control window film, Commonwealth Laminating & Coating Inc. (CLC) makes,

Coating Gets Kosher Okay

CINCINNATI, OH Michelman reports its Plate Kote paper plate coatings have all been kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union. The coatings also meet FDA

Melamine Revisited

Barrier-coated flexible packaging, both metallized and clear, is a much-favored choice among brand owners and retailers across the globe today. It offers

Property Control

Coater operability and the applicator's ability to apply coating uniformly as well as physical defects and final coating quality all depend upon the properties

Odorless UV Inks and Coatings

Rhino Performance Products introduces odorless UV inks and coatings.

Asian Release Liner Market Study & Industry Sourcebook

The place

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Troubleshooting Extrusion Processes With Hands-On Computational Proceduresby Natti S. Rao, Plastics Solutions International Consulting

Release Liner Special Report, Part 1

In the pressure-sensitive label market, the release liner supply chain faces a number of threats and cost-related issues. Still, there are opportunities.

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