Dow Corning Offers New Release Modifier


MIDLAND, MI | Dow Corning recently announced Syl-Off SL 35 release modifier, described as the next generation of controlled release additive technology for solventless release coatings.

Said to offer tight release at very low platinum (Pt) levels with superior stability and shelf life, product is designed for low-platinum, solventless systems and reportedly leverages the potential of company’s Syl-Off Advantage Series Solventless Systems to give customers the best in both quality control and cost savings.

According to Kris Verschueren, packaging market manager at Dow Corning, the product “…has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of platinum used in traditional formulations while maintaining narrow control of the release force. This allows for improved fine-tuning of both cost and performance.”

It is suitable for use in the manufacturing of p-s label stock, single- and double-sided release papers, liners for adhesive tapes, and other coatings for sticky materials.


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