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Kelly Robinson Named to NFPA Committee

The “Static Beat” author will represent the converting industry on the Technical Committee on Static Electricity

Static Beat | Dissipators Work Where Only 1 Side Has Static

Is it really necessary to install 2 static dissipators? Before you throw me out, let me explain!

Kelly Robinson Appointed to NFPA Static Electricity Committee

Brings expertise in the coating, printing, and converting industries to the technical committee charged with preventing static ignited fires

Static Beat | Control Static on Insulating Webs in Dryers

How to protect solvent dryers/ovens from sparks caused by static on insulating webs.

Pillar Offers Spare Parts Replacement

Genuine Pillar Parts program guarantees replacements for company’s induction cap sealing and surface treatment equipment are not counterfeit

Static Problems with Metallized Webs

Metallized webs have static problems, too!

Enercon Announces New Treater Series

The Pro Series of blown arc and blown ion plasma treaters has new features said to include more treatment control

Corona Treating | Why All Films Do Not Treat the Same

How well do you understand the relationship between your films and your corona treater?

Enercon Launches Corona Power Supply

The Compak ProFlex, which will be featured at ICE USA 2015, is said to offer a new generation of corona treatment power and control

Sharpen your skills at ICE USA 2015

ICE USA 2015 is shaping up to be an excellent event.

Fraser Launches Static Control Device

The NEOS Series, which will be introduced at ICE Europe, is said to be powerful and intelligent and to operate at high speeds

Jemmco Announces Conductive Rubber Sleeve

The JemmStat CRS100 is said to offer features suited for processing delicate webs needing reduced static buildup

Pillar Names RT Engineering Northeast Rep

The Massachusetts-based rep will manage sales for Pillar’s surface treatment product lines

Jemmco Offers Free Corona Treater Maintenance Manual

Manual reportedly will help extend the life of corona treater rolls and will help users reach optimal performance

Static Beat | Solvent Coater Static Control for Insulating Webs

With insulating film, protect solvent coaters from static sparks with 3 devices

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