Impreglon Cellramic Offers Corona Treater Rolls

Company expands line to include ceramic coatings for corona treater rolls, with coatings said to have excellent dielectric strength and high hardness

NRD Ionizers Keep Static Under Control

Staticmaster Linear Ionizers, offered in two models, are said to increase safety, reduce downtime, and prevent materials jams

Pillar Names Shruti International Rep in India

Shruti will manage sales in India and offer Pillar’s surface treatment product lines for specialized applications in India’s flexible packaging market

Static Beat | Static Dissipator Neutralization Efficiency

When do you need active static bars with high static dissipation performance?

Static Dissipator Performance

Here, I provide my analysis of static dissipator neutralization efficiency. While this is a "first principles" analysis making it only approximate, it provides two important insights and a key quantitative result.

AIMCAL Tech Meeting Honors Excellence

Assn. of Intl. Metallizers Coaters & Laminators names technical award winners Marcio Carvalho (Pontifica Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro) for coating & laminating and Sheila Hamilton (Teknek) for vacuum coating.

Static Beat | Should Static Brushes Touch?

Should static brushes or ionizing cords touch webs or rolls to neutralize static?

Enercon eBook on Treating Is Free

“Getting Started with Corona Treatment” uses an interactive approach to explain the fundamentals of corona treating

CPP-Patent That

How should you decide whether to file a patent application on a new technical breakthrough?

Presentation - So, Should We Patent That?

How should you decide whether to file a patent application on a new technical breakthrough?

Passive Dissipater Operation

How do passive dissipaters work with no external power source?

First Static Dissipater

Why was the first static dissipater invented? And, who was the inventor?

Static Beat | Static Bar Spacing

How far away can a static dissipater be mounted and still neutralize a web?

Meech Upgrades Static Elimination System

The Hyperion 971 static elimination system from Meech resists contamination and offers improved features

Static Beat | High Static on Unwinding Rolls

Why does unwinding a roll of homogeneous web generate so much static electricity?

Enercon Industries | Surface Treating

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