Presentation - So, Should We Patent That?

The next live presentation of “So, Should We Patent That?” is scheduled for the CPP Expo, Sept 28 - Oct. 1, 2014 at the McCormick Convention Center, Chicago, IL. In this overview of intellectual property from a “factory floor” perspective, I’ll offer my insights on several different alternatives for protecting your “intellectual property” including filing a patent application, maintaining your property as a trade secret, disclosing your new idea (why would you ever want to do that?!), and doing nothing.

My education in intellectual property started soon after graduated college. I had the joy of working with several talented colleagues and within a few years, we developed several technical advances that warranted filing patent applications. While I am first and foremost an engineer ((incidentally, my 14th patent issued in January 2013), I am also a patent agent and I have served as an expert witness in cases involving corporate espionage (theft of trade secrets) and patent infringement.

This presentation is a somewhat more polished version of the original presentation recognized with a John Matteucci Award for excellence in a technical presentation at the 2012 AIMCAL Web Coating and Handling Conference. I hope that you’ll find my talk interesting and informative.

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