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Campaign Results Falling Flat? Consider Investing in Your Brand.

It’s shocking how often organizations consider one tactic such as a direct mail piece as their marketing campaign. In reality, one direct mail without the support of a consistent, cohesive brand communications strategy could actually do damage to your company’s brand strength in the market. If your one shot at communication (the direct mail piece) does not reinforce the brand messages being conveyed at other customer touchpoints (website, data sheets, trade show environment, sales messages, etc.), it is likely that the prospect takeaway will be that you are weak and disjointed.

The key is to have a good sense of what you stand for in the marketplace (brand) before you determine how to most effectively convince your prospects to engage through a marketing campaign (direct mail, well-written and designed web pages, advertising, etc.).

When you know the difference between branding and a campaign, you can leverage the benefits of each to develop leads and close quotes.

  • Brand = Personality. Be consistent and build TRUST in your brand. You can have the most amazing product in the world but if you don’t come across as trustworthy, then you won’t close the sale. An example… “You’re in good hands with Allstate”.
  • Campaign = Targeted communication. This is the act of communicating a product/service differentiator and explaining to prospects why they should engage and possibly make a purchase. Allstate runs a “Safe Driving Bonus” program and campaigns through sales promotions, advertising and direct mail to solicit business from good drivers.

Embodying a solid brand identity reinforces your credibility and helps to generate sales. Without a strong effort in branding, you run the risk of appearing inconsistent, haphazard and hence not trustworthy to the marketplace. Brand values are demonstrated not only what you say but in how you appear (colors, fonts, dress code, voice cadence). The key is to get your whole organization on the same page to ensure every customer touch point (phone calls, emails, shipments) reflects your brand’s core values (fast, quality, for example). Allstate reinforces “You’re in good hands” with every ad, direct mail and form they produce… even if they don’t specifically make the “good hands” statement.

In short, branding is your strategy, and marketing campaigns are your tactical goals. Campaigns provide you with leads; brands help you close sales. One without the other is like rowing upstream without a paddle.

Senior marketer and brand enthusiast Stephanie Millman leverages years of experience in the converting, software, healthcare and broadcast industries to provide concepts and marketing ideas that inspire PFFC readers. Find out how to harness the evolution in social media, advertising, direct marketing, websites and trade shows in our industry. Keep posted to her Marketing Mojo column as Stephanie exposes the changes and opportunities that are taking place in the marketing arena of our industry.

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