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Bottle Breaker

Taiwan-based S-Pouch Pak Co. introduces the S-Pouch as a PET bottle replacement. Two gussets are sealed into the tube, one at the bottom and one at the top

Grip & Grin

Grip & Grin Cryovac Grip & Tear non-barrier bags from Sealed Air, Duncan, SC, provide an easy-open vacuum package for poultry with superior shrink and

Teaming for Better Bag

ADDISON, ILL.| Rollprint Packaging Products has teamed with Pactiv Corp., Lake Forest, IL, to supply Hefty Slide-Rite slider customers with an improved

Pitch the Pail

Hood Packaging, Madison, MS, has created an alternative to the cumbersome, energy-wasting plastic pail often used to package detergent, kitty litter, garden products, and pet food

Back to Terra Firma

Mondi Industrial Bags, Vienna, Austria, reports it has developed the world's first biodegradable industrial bag. Terra Bag consists of a paper bag (one or more plies) with a corn-based film for humidty protection

Software Aids Bagmaking

New release of Business VantagePoint software includes enhancements that aid multiwall bag manufacturers better in tracking rollstock from the raw roll

Mamata Holds Demos at Open House

AHMEDABAD, INDIA | Visitors from more than 20 countries attended an open house at Mamata's India facility where three product lines were demonstrated.

Make Pouches for Pet Food

A 32-in.-wide pouch machine is designed to take press-to-close and slider zippers on side-gusseted pouches to address the packaging needs for pet food

Small Slider Cuts Material Costs

The Slider Advantage is designed with less material to reduce manufacturing costs and decrease a package's environmental footprint. The smaller clip allows

Pouchmaker Has Enhanced Seal

The BH-80HVG-F (SG8) machine produces a large box pouch with side gusset and zipper in-line. The top of the side gusset is sealed by a proprietary 45-deg

Make Bags, Pouches

Model GSD-60SZLV three-servo, three-side-seal bag machine features standing pouch and zipper sealing units. Said to ensure excellent tension control for

Thiele Technologies Buys Hudson-Sharp

Thiele Technologies, a div. of Barry-Wehmiller, announces the purchase of The Hudson-Sharp Machine Co., Green Bay, WI, and Brussels, Belgium

The Bag Cycle

On a recent visit to the neighborhood Target, I spotted something I hadn't seen before. Archer Farms, Target's private label, packages its potato chips

Making Pouches With Speed

Ampac Flexibles reports the installation of a new Totani Model BH-80HVLLLS-M pouching machine in its Elk Grove Village, IL, facility.

Bag Sits Flat

Being has become the new cool trend in pouchmaking. A unique, box-like profile combines the best features of a stand-up pouch with those of a true flat

Totani Corporate Video

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