What's Really On the Surface?

Substrate surfaces are prone to cause problems because of items that are impossible for the naked eye to see.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Novel high performance collation shrink films for bundling and multipacks, the influence of small amounts of LDPE on surface roughness and resulting haze of LLDPE blown films, shape up your cast film extrusion process with a contour die, and new printing adhesion improvements using atmostpheric plasma glow discharge technology.

Measuring Force

Learn what adhesion is, how it is measured, what a test really measures relative to the true adhesion between two surfaces, how adhesion affects the performance of the final laminated or multilayer product, an ideal adhesion test between two materials, and what the common T-peel adhesion test measure.

Pilot/Lab/Technical Facilities

Is there a problem with your process? Fix it! These technical facilities stand ready to help.

Siliconizing: Challenging the Status Quo

Optimized coating helps speed change the rules of the game.

Low-Cost Paper Applications

Thermally cured silicones are the largest group of silicones, dominating the market with a share of almost 90%. As their name implies, they are cured by heat and use an expensive noble metal catalyst, typically platinum.

Free Trial of Coating Product

Craig Adhesives and Coatings has announced a free trial program for its 1077M-3 coating product used by sheetfed offset printers running hybrid inks. (craigadhesives.com)

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Controling of aerosol contamination, heat transfer rolls, what aluminum foil has to do with hot tack in packaging, and thermal process imaging permits a real time view of your extrusion process.

Seafood is Served

Covering a wide spectrum of applications from labels to lidding and from packaging to POP displays, today’s new materials deliver problem-solving technology to meet your needs.

Extrusion Coating Evolves

The initial investment for extrusion coating equipment is high but could easily be recovered if the line is subject to high-production.

Without Boundaries

When custom coater/laminator Lamart Corp. was chosen by NASA to develop a material for use as the “envelope” of an unmanned space vehicle, Philip Faria, manager of process engineering, and Lee Smith, project manager, recalled the philosophy of company founder Walter Hirsh: “To be truly successful, a company has to challenge itself to find the limits of its capabilities and then create processes and equipment to exceed the old boundaries.”

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

New terpolymer for Al-based peel lids by extrusion coating of a mono-layer and laminating adhesives state-of-the-art and future Technologies.

Churning Out Quality

It can be tricky to develop a business formula that will yield worldwide customers short runs, imported prices, and quick deliveries. But president Harley Frank and chairman H. Alan (Bud) Frank of Admiral Packaging (formerly Union Industries) believe they’ve found one that does precisely this. It also gives the firm a competitive edge in traditional flexible packaging applications as well as an opportunity to expand into a new non-packaging niche. Contributing to this achievement is a new solventless laminator.

Fighting Flaws

A standard coating line requires different types of equipment to function effectively to produce a defect-free product. Often the main focus of defect reduction efforts is on the major equipment and on application conditions, dryer conditions, and the web transport system.

AIMCAL Blogs Launch

AIMCAL launched four blogs August 1, 2005 covering web coating and laminating, vacuum web coating, web handling and converting, and specialty web coating.

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