Optimization of Fluid Coating

Developing a product in the fluid coating industries requires determination of raw materials to provide for the differentiated features of the product, but equally important is the process development associated with turning these raw materials into an effectively and efficiently produced item. Whether you are looking to develop an improved tape, label, battery, or optical film, understanding and optimizing the coating process is important. The larger this coating window the more latitude there is for success.

Heraeus Shows 55-in. Touchscreen with Conductive Polymer

Clevios PEDOT is used as an electrode in a large area projective capacitive touchscreen

Ashland Varnishes Are Certified by RIT

Company says 13 UV and water-based overprint varnishes in PureRad and PureKote lines are now certified and available for use with HP Indigo presses

AkzoNobel Coating Creates Compostable Paper Cup

EvCote Water Barrier 3000 is made from plant-based oils and recycled PET bottles

Coating Matters | Patch Coating for Precision Fluid Placement, Pt. 1

The world has gone patch coating crazy! Batteries, pharmaceuticals, even adhesives. With increased interest in intermittent coating, we have to consider the technical challenges

DUNMORE Expands Foil Converting Capabilities

Company now offers coating and laminating services for a more complete range of foil materials types, foil thicknesses, and hardnesses

Fighting Viscous Forces to Improve Fluid Coating Success

When it comes to slot die fluid coating, the mathematical equations that dictate flow are fundamental, but the details are complicated. The goal with understanding the math should be not to make things more complicated, but to simplify the understanding and lead engineers and operators towards common controls for adjusting at the coating line. So let’s do just that…

Dow Corning Release Coating Solves Anchorage, Rub-Off Issues

Syl-Off SL 585 designed for high-speed converting of bulk roll labels

AIB Holds Seminars on EB Benefits in Packaging

Hosted by PCT Engineered Systems, seminars will cover the financial, sustainability, and safety ramifications of using EB technology in packaging

TRESU Group to Show Coating System

The iCoat coating system for digital folding carton presses will be on display at the upcoming Graph EXPO/CPP EXPO

ISCST Symposium to Focus on Wet Coatings

The International Coating Science and Technology Symposium, managed by AIMCAL, will offer two tracks on six subject areas in coating

AIMCAL Calls for Papers for ICE Shows

Submissions for the technical programs for ICE USA 2015 and ICE Europe 2015, both organized by AIMCAL, are due by September 15 of this year

Dyna-Tech Offers Biodegradable Adhesive

DyTac 9577 adhesive features all naturally occurring materials and meets several guidelines for biodegradability and compostability

Coating Matters | Steam Remoisturizing Technology for Paper-Based Labels, Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this two-part series, the authors provide the criteria for choosing a remoisturizer solution

Flint Adds UV LED Adhesives to EkoCure Line

Adhesives are said to provide sustainable technology, increased press uptime, and lower maintenance

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