A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Calcium carbonates for polyolefin extrusion coating applications, rheology of glass-fiber-filled polypropylene melts, non-invasive oxygen measurement using fluorescence technology and its implacation for active packaging, and using simulations to predict coating characteristics of a slot die system.

Pouch vs. Bottle

Would you drink water out of a pouch? CLP Industries has begun marketing a laminate pouch that offers consumers portability and convenience when transporting water. And the company obviously feels there’s a big market for it.

Laboring Lean

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma…they aren’t just buzzword phrases. Many converters take them very seriously. Among those believers is Dura-Fibre LLC, whose new Operon Systems’ RedHawk turnkey data gathering and analyzing tool is providing newfound manufacturing efficiencies of up to 25% over previous production standards.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Lidding applications for peelable seal roll applied coatings, the effect of chlorine dioxide sachets and modified atmosphere packaging on quality of fresh chicken breasts, evaluation of low voltage electron beam processors using thin film dosimetry techniques, and analysis of new flame treatment technology for surface modification and adhesion promotion.

Heat Transfer Gets More Precise

Talking to suppliers of heat transfer rolls is a little like listening to the weatherman. They both talk about temperatures quite a lot, but there is one big difference: When these suppliers talk about temperatures, they use precise measurements. And they guarantee them!

18 Ways to Cut Coating Costs

What are some ideas for cost reduction projects in a coating operation? Very often coating costs are characterized in terms of dollars per square foot. Products of high volume and low technology have values under $0.05/sq ft. In narrow web, slow speed, and high technology applications, cost can exceed $1.00/sq ft. To be competitive, there is a need to find ways to lower these costs.

Release Liner Recycling Program

This special program from Recycling Solutions is designed to help end-users and customers collect and recycle used release liners. Recycling used release liners can save on hauling and landfill costs. Instead of ending up as landfill waste, the liners can be repulped to make paper products.

One Stop Shop

India is booming and nowhere is this more evident than at Flex Industries Ltd., the nation’s largest flex-pack converter.

Give Customer What He Wants

Too many times converters make substitutions when filling orders from their customers, with serious consequences. The customer will be unhappy unless he receives exactly what he ordered.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

Easy-opening packaging technology, using thermal process imaging for extruder analysis and improvement, a novel seal-peel system, and the effects of resin selection and extrusion variables on peelable seal performance.

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

The role of an uneven temperature distribution at the flat die inlet on the die performance; trends in packaging—a challenge for adhesives development; razor, crush, and shear slitting principles: advantages and disadvantages for film and foil applications; and web spreading.

A Look at Laminating Inks

Packaging inks come in all shapes and sizes and usually must meet unique performance requirements.

Cleaning the Right Way

Cleaning has two important goals. The first one is obvious: Be certain the surfaces are clean and free of any residual adhesive or coating. The second one is less obvious: Be certain the cleaning operation does not create any hazards to the personnel doing the cleaning or to the environment.

Mouse Roars BUY ME!

Function and flash come together each year with the recognition of technical and marketing superiority in the annual metallized and coated products competition of the Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, held in Bonita Springs, FL, on March 17.

Advances in Coating

Recent technology advances in the web coating process have led to an improved process with the capability to produce products with a wide range of characteristics. These advances have occurred in all parts of the process, with major advances in coating application, on-line inspection instrumentation, and process control systems.

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