Coating module allows in-house production

The in-line coating module retrofits to most presses and web-handling equipment, allowing label producers to convert off-the-shelf face stocks and release

Steam bar controls curl in web processes

The Curlguard system is designed to control curl in paper web processes. It incorporates a steam distribution bar to apply uniform steam to the web. Curl

Calibration fixture measures UV light source

The SS5107 calibration fixture directly measures ultraviolet-light source performance on light-wand-equipped curing systems. The liquid light guide for

In-feed section meets stringent standards

The company offers a redesigned in-feed section for its R200 press. The section features a more compact design and stability allowing customers to meet

Software system designed for analysis

The Expertalert predictive-maintenance software system has been reengineered and released as a network version and compatible with Microsoft DOS and Windows

US converter sells Brazilian interest

Riverwood International Corp., Atlanta, GA has announced it has completed the sale, of just under 50% interest in Riverwood's Brazilian operation, Igaras

Shredders provide recycling advantages

The company's core shredders are designed to handle cores and butt rolls up to 8-in. in diameter at a speed of 40 fpm and shred up to 8 tons of cores/hr.

Video system measures on microscopic scale

The FT[Angstrom]200 is a flexible optical and video system for laboratory use in measuring contact angle, absorption, wettability, surface tension and

Micrometer allows air-gap adjustment

A new device with a micrometer allows easy access, high-accuracy air-gap adjustment of electrode assemblies on the firm's corona-treating stations. The

Static eliminator bar neutralizes webs

The E-series static eliminator bar is designed to neutralize positive and negative changes on webs made of plastic, glass, fabric and paper. When used

Familiarity with change no surprise in this industry

Last year was a surprising year for the metallizing industry in a number of ways. The shortage of polyester film contrasted with ample supplies in 1993.

AIMCAL selects 3 finalists for technology award

Three finalists have been announced for the 1995 Technology of the Year Award sponsored by AIMCAL, the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters

Holograms continue to gain in converting applications.

The annual conference on holographic technology addresses a wide range of issues facing this industry today. This article presents a recap of some of

Package, vehicle sticker earn holographic honors

Several holographic products were honored in the Awards for Excellence in Holography competition presented by the International Hologram Manufacturers

State legislative action includes removal of 2 bans: 1994

Legislative activity on the state level for environmental issues relating to flexible packaging continued to surface during 1995, however, no major legislation

Metallizer, orienter to increase films capacity

New equipment installations will boost the worldwide capacity of the Films Division of Mobil Chemical Co., Pittsford, NY, during 1995.The addition of

Regulatory agencies to see impact of Republican contract

It's already apparent the Republican House of Representatives' Contract with America and other proposals to limit the size of the federal government aren't

Latin American industry remains untapped market

With the recent advent of NAFTA, SAFTA, GATT and the Miami Summit, the industrial world has focused on the many Latin American nations.There is a huge

Empowerment investment required to reap rewards.

You're now empowered is a phrase being heard around many Fortune 500 companies today.Is it fashionable? Yes, it is. However, senior executives want to

Australian firm plans three-year expansion

Jac Australia Pty. Ltd., West Footscray, Australia, has announced it's planning an estimated $25-million capital expenditure and expansion program.The

Crystallizing line starts production in China.

The government-owned Shanghai Chemical Plant's PET crystallizing line began operations in September 1994 to produce X-ray film for the medical industry

Canadian firm constructs pilot polyethylene plant

A Canadian petrochemical and plastic supplier announced plans to construct a $20 million (Canadian) polyethylene pilot plant.Novacor Chemicals Ltd., Calgary,

Ethylene supplier plans production increases

A Cincinnati, OH, company has announced it plans to increase its polyethylene, ethylene and acetic acid production capacities to meet strong market demand.Quantum

Pharmaceutical films designed for protection

Two pharmaceutical grades of fluoropolymer film are available for barrier protection from Allied Signal Plastics, Morristown, NJ.Allied Signal has introduced

Dutch converter expands in worldwide flex-pack market

KNP BT is Holland's largest producer and converter of packaging materials with $6.7 billion in worldwide sales.Their headquarters are located in Hilversum

French plastic bag imports continue to outpace exports.

French imports of polyethylene bags are much higher than the exports of this product, according to Packaging in France, Pira International's market report.The

Quality, waste get action from suppliers of sheeters.

Whether it's eliminating dust in the process or preventing delicate substrates from being scratched, quality has become one of the top concerns in the

Slower growth, continued expansion seen in 1995

The Fed is expected to ratchet up interest rates but not enough to trigger recession. Positive forces outweigh the negatives, according to a chief economist

Waterjet slitting beneficial to this tissue converter.

Improving output while cutting labor costs was among the benefits received when a Wisconsin producer investigated the use of a waterjet-slitting system

Machinery maker shares 60th year with celebration

From three employees and a multistory building in 1934, a Pennsylvania manufacturer of converting machinery has grown to 65 employees working in a modern,

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