Trim system in India to be first to handle sugarcane paper.

Voith Sulzer Papiertechnik GmbH commissioned M&Y to design and supply a trim system for a winder at its Tamil Nadu plant in India to handle newsprint

Pay attention to flash points, and you won't get burned

The flash point of a flammable liquid is the lowest temperature at which vapors above that liquid will burn when exposed to a source of ignition. There

Today's printing presses are whatever you want them to be.

There isn't really one type of printing press that's dominant in the converting business. Because our industry is so diverse, each unique niche has developed

Independent Packaging: the "restart" of something great

Independent Packaging arose from the ashes, but it wasn't easy. Now, after only 18 months, IP is on track to produce 1 billion bakery bags this year.Perhaps

Innovation is a winner in FPA competition

For meeting the challenges of today's packaging industry, ten companies are honored with Top Packaging Awards by the Flexible Packaging Assn.Judges in

Flat tax proposal is getting serious consideration

Just a year ago the proposal to replace the current income tax with a simplified "flat tax" was considered a radical tax reform scheme floated by a couple

The 1996 Metallizing Roundup: Experts Ponder and Predict

The metallizing industry today is marked by change, challenge, and competition, but opportunities abound in the years ahead.To assess the current - and

New hot stamper does more for short runs

Fast Track Labels, unlike some larger competitors, thrives on short runs with the help of versatile hot stamping equipment from Kensol/Franklin.Move over,

A new book on packaging is recommended reading

In the average half-hour trip to the supermarket, 30,000 products vie for the shopper's attention. Those that get noticed have only a sixth of a second

European equity supplier acquires plastics division

NatWest Ventures announced the acquisition of three companies comprising the core of the Plastics Laminate Div. of Laporte PLC for $27 million.The companies

For adhesives or coatings, ask the right questions

An attendee at a recent technical conference was bemoaning the fact that adhesive suppliers did not help their customers as requested. The specific complaint

In-house sheeting promotes growth and quality

Hammer Lithograph's sheeting subsidiary supplies its "parent" and acts as a contract sheeter; Maxson equipment makes it all possible.Hammer Lithograph's

Business and education join forces, and everybody wins

Corporations and associations are offering support - and equipment - to help train future employees and keep the industry competitive.This country's educational

Custom coating operation is a clean winner

Targeted toward industries with very strict standards, Rexam Custom's Netherlands plant sets its own high standards of quality.Rexam Custom, a specialty

New CMM Show aims at Latin American markets

CMM of the Americas joins two related shows this spring in Miami, turning the industry spotlight south of the border.When CMM of the Americas makes its

Senate Republicans push amendments to Clean Air Act

A group of Senate Republicans is seeking to amend provisions of the Clean Air Act dealing with operating permit requirements, monitoring requirements,

Deciphering the complexities of the core/shaft/unwind relationship.

When designing a core/shaft/unwind system for a particular application, there are many factors to consider. What are these considerations, and how do

Core selection - the difference between success and failure.

Proper core selection can mean the difference between converting success or failure. Here are things to consider when making your choice.A commitment

Don't forget your unwind!

Neglecting to give the appropriate consideration to the unwind and unwind roll handling can be a critical mistake.The unwind stand can be one of the most

Foil and potatoes can be a dangerous combination

I recently came across an interesting article in Food Chemical News (Oct. 9, 1995) with implications for converters of foil intended for foodservice applications.

Paper manufacturer's report shows marked sales increase

During the first half of 1995, AssiDoman, Forestry and Paper Group, had a turnover of SKr 11.3 billion, an increase of 39% over the SKr 8.1 billion during

Regulation, competition drive the adhesives industry

Perhaps the biggest reason for the rapid change in the adhesives business is the Environmental Protection Agency's push to eliminate volatile organic

Pollution and politics: how green will the new year be?

As new environmental issues arise, some old standbys are coming up for review and revision. One thing is certain: Change is on the way.As 1996 gets underway,

Label maker modifies tried and true business form

Polka-disc labels, developed by Polka Dot Products Inc. and converted by Web Label, are designed for easy removability from diskettes.Polka Dot Products

Emerging markets: doing business in Latin America.

An industry expert from Brazil discusses the exciting opportunities - and challenges - that await as Latin American markets open up to the world.Doing

New measurement technology improves web control.

A new type of load cell uses an electromagnetic transducer to achieve more reliable tension measurement, reportedly resulting in improved machine performance,

Flexo/screen proves to be a winning combination

A Mark Andy flexo press helps Topflight combine the advantages of rotary screen and flexo without requiring a heavy dollar investment.The motto on the

Product liability and food safety reforms move along

Although Congress is deeply embroiled in resolving budget and related issues, "behind the scenes" progress continues to be made in the areas of product

Fresh produce offers converters opportunities for healthy sales

With flexible packaging forecast to hit almost $15.5 billion in 1995, many converters are frantically looking toward the emerging fresh produce market

Economic Forecast: More of the Same, Unless...

A senior economist at DuPont predicts that 1996 will look a lot like 1995, unless, of course, the unpredictable occurs.If past is prologue, and if 1995

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