Curtain Coating Technology Can Mean Big Benefits

Curtain coating belongs to the class of premetered coating methods. The term "premetered" indicates that only the exact amount of fluid to be coated onto

Specialty Products Are Custom Made in the U.K.

Specialization is something that seems to be burgeoning in the converting industry. From short-run specialty bags to the season/holiday-changing colorful

Shorter Turnaround Time Drives Move to CTP

Founded in 1928, Steketee-Van Huis (SVH), Holland, MI, produces high-end folding cartons for customers across the US

High-Barrier Packaging: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Food retailers bank on the fact that consumers notice the "image" of a product-basically, its packaging. But what about the product's overall performance:

Converters See Hurdles Ahead in Digital Printing

Last May Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER and Intertec Publishing conducted a focus group on the topic of digital technology and its impact on the converting

Clean Room Environment Makes Excellence a Priority

In an aggressive effort to increase sales, the management team at Autotype Americas Inc. decided to make some bold moves that have paid off handsomely

Integrated Information System Can Boost Profits

In today's competitive business environment, leading manufacturers in the converting industry are beginning to discover how enterprise business applications

Dixie Toga Continues to Make Its Mark as a Leader

Dixie Toga's flexible division—Itap Bemis—settles into a new home with top-flight equipment producing both gravure and flexo products.

Bringing a New Dimension to 3-D Imaged Packaging

You're at the store pondering the many choices of toothpaste. Over the years you've sampled everything from tartar control types to baking soda brands.

The Good Times Keep Rolling -- At Least for Now

"Anything that cannot go on forever will stop." So said the late Herbert Stein, chairman of president Richard Nixon's Council of Economic Advisors. It

Getting Off to a Smooth Start with a New Coater

With a combined 50 years of experience in the converting industry, William R. Arndt and Michael R. Nowak decided to start their own coating business,

Converting Coverage Grows at Graphics of the Americas

Graphics of the Americas Global Printing & Converting Exposition will celebrate its silver anniversary February 4-6 at the Convention Center in Miami

Vision-Based System Wins the Battle Against Defects

The technology currently being developed and utilized by the Israeli military is among the most sophisticated in the world. The transfer of this technology

Narrow web adapts to multiple applications

The flexibility of today's narrow web systems gives converters exciting new capabilities."Narrow web is where the action is," says Mike Schmidt, director

Static electricity can be a very costly problem

Static electricity is described as a nonflowing electrical charge that builds up on nonconductive or ungrounded conductive materials. The most common

Finding a simple solution to a shocking problem

Static electricity was causing big problems for Favorite Plastics. The solution - a Tantec system - was only a phone call away.Favorite Plastics, a Brooklyn,

Two states adopt regulations for rigid-container laws

California and Oregon have enacted far-reaching laws dealing with the recycling of rigid containers and issued comprehensive regulations implementing

Corporate compliance audits may save legal hassles.

To avoid legal problems, every company should consider instituting a corporate compliance audit. Such an audit consists of an assessment by inside and

Movin' on up - a look at relocating a business.

Companies everywhere are on the move. The reasons may vary, but the goal is always the same: a more successful business.Location, location, location.

Oxide-coated films are still finding their market niche

With all the hype in recent years about transparent barrier films, one would think that applications could be found almost anywhere in the supermarket.

Saudi methanol producer plans expansion program

Saudi Methanol Co., an affiliate of Saudi Basic Industries Corp., and a consortium of Japanese companies signed a $160 million loan agreement with the

Pointing finger places blame but won't solve the problem

The more parties that are involved in any project, the more opportunities there are for post-mortems that involve finger pointing if something goes wrong.

Anilox roll advancements raise the quality of flexo

New anilox roll technologies and materials have paralleled the rise of flexo, and it's no coincidence.The vast improvement in the quality of flexographic

Bag machine adds value to customer-oriented operation.

A new FMC servo draw bag machine fits right in at All-Pak, a company that takes customer needs very seriously.When Fred J. Faletti founded All-Pak Inc.,

Temperature control helps ink customers optimize performance.

Sun Chemical's research and technical facility uses Raytek Raynger PM portable noncontact thermometers to help its customers get the most out of their

Need and innovation are driving digital printing.

New substrates, laser die-cutting, and the increasing trend toward short runs all bode well for the future of digital printing.Peter Rigney, the publisher

Getting the most value from your extrusion coater.

Quantum Chemical Corp. assists converters with product and process improvements on its state-of-the-art extrusion coating line located at the Allen Research

NOVA and Union Carbide to build ethylene plant

This month's news is from and about:* Canada* Australia* Malaysia* U.K.* Brazil* ScotlandNOVA Corp. and Union Carbide Inc. are jointly building Ethelene

Food Quality Protection Act limits Delaney Clause

The FQPA action suggests there may be some momentum for eliminating the Delaney Clause as it applies to food and color additives in any food safety reform

What you should know about filled adhesives and coatings

Adhesives and coatings sometimes contain fillers, because such ingredients can provide functional properties for certain applications. Examples of typical

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