Czech retail developments could affect converters.

If the Czech converting industry feels that Czech environmental legislation is being disregarded by retailers, the pressure on internal industry to conform

Video web inspection goes quickly from luxury to necessity.

What happens when an inspector discovers a defect at the rewind station? If the defect is a major one, the entire job may be thrown into the dumpster

The role of barrier materials in packaging low-fat goods.

It is entirely possible that a low- or no-fat product that is packaged and distributed in the same way as its full-fat counterpart will experience consumer

EPA and printers join forces to evaluate inks.

Determined to secure systematic, comparative data on inks, the flexo industry and the Environmental Protection Agency have launched the Design for the

Flexible packaging converter treats its customers right.

When Flex-Pak purchased a new laminator for snack food packaging, it made sure that bare roll corona treating was included as a means of increasing quality

Popcorn packaging leads converter down new paths.

Himac helps Phoenix by downgauging its susceptor film, giving greater coverage for the material.Phoenix Packaging has parlayed its expertise in microwave

Supreme Court throws out punitive damage award

For the first time ever, the US Supreme Court has struck down punitive damages as being "excessive" and has issued guidance on when such damages are too

Label converter controls quality from the inside out

Walle Corp. attributes much of its success to keeping tight control of operations at the company's three plants.Listen to the latest crop of advice coming

New possibilities for beer packaging in PEN and LCP

Beer bottlers are now looking at several innovative new plastics for their containers. For flexible label suppliers, these present new and exciting challenges

Taking the "magic" and the mystery out of treating

Treating is an important operation in the converting industry. Flexible packaging as practiced today would not exist without this significant factor,

Partnering launches future growth in laminations

As a long-time supplier to wire and cable manufacturers, Chase & Sons, Webster, MA, a div. of Chase Corp., is introducing innovative process technology

Laminator adds metallizing to the mix

To compete in the metallizing game, Alubec has a simple strategy: Get the right equipment and give your customers what they want.For more than 40 years

Perforating tear-resistant materials takes a big step.

How do you perforate tough materials that are constructed not to tear? New perforating technology reportedly has the answer.When we attempt to perforate

Taking the measure of surface treatment is a learning process

If you surface-treat your materials (and it's very likely you do), you should be up to date on methods for measuring the level of treatment.As a growing

Gauging system lights the way

BKL uses converting technology to make electroluminescent lamps; Betacontrol of America supplies the in-line gauging.Electroluminescent (EL) lamps have

Downsizing reversal?

This month I'd like to share with you some correspondence I received in response to my March editorial that discussed survival in a shrinking business

Dutch converter retakes his company

Daan Bolding has history on his side as the head of Bolding Verpakkingen, a converting operation started by his grandfather almost 100 years ago.Just

Web-inspection system supports label operation

A TruColor Video web-inspection system is bringing multiple benefits, including higher quality, to Label America.According to one of the cornerstones

FDA proposes to reduce environmental filing burdens.

Converters, suppliers, and food companies commonly seek "clearances" from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by filing food additive petitions, "generally

Foil and potatoes - Aluminum Assn. presents a response.

Note: My February column on the safety of baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil elicited a response from the Aluminum Assn., Washington, DC. In the

Tetra Pak plant in Spain is environmentally certified.

Tetra Pak's converting facility for aseptic paper/poly/foil liquid food packaging materials in Arganda, near Madrid, Spain, has become the first factory

Aqueous adhesive systems: giving credit where it is due.

The Div. of the History of Chemistry and the Office of Public Outreach of the American Chemical Society recently designated Kem-Tone wall paint as a National

Bagmaking machines adapt to conquer new markets.

In 1962, when Herbert Baier, president of Peco, Fairfield, NJ, entered the converting business, the state-of-the-art blown film line was making extruded

On-line gauging brings big benefits to coating operation

A beta gauge measurement system from NDC Systems means efficiency and consistency on Adchem Corp.'s coating line.1Since its founding with a single coating

A directory of custom slitting

If you're in the market for a custom slitter, read on. We'll tell you who they are, where they are, and what they do.It can be among the most basic of

Gravure winners go for gold

Gravure printing continues to say "quality." Just check out the winners of the Gravure Assn. of America's Golden Cylinders.The Gravure Assn. of America,

Making Lemonade in the Converting Industry

No one, least of all me, likes to be known as Chicken Little, who ran through the barnyard screaming that the sky was falling. Lately, however, I'm wondering

A look at the status of UV/EB curing

An expert in the field assesses the current state of ultraviolet and electron beam curing.RadTech '96 North America, the fifth biennial UV/EB Processing

FTA winners show off strides in Flexo

The Flexographic Technical Assn. competition finds 106 entries worthy of honors, proving that flexo has come a long way.The Flexographic Technical Assn.

Supreme Court decisions will restrict certain lawsuits

Recently, the US Supreme Court issued two important rulings that will restrict the right of plaintiffs to bring lawsuits. In Seminole Tribe of Florida

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