Core Systems Innovation Upgrades Core Cutter

The CM8+ manual core cutter is offered with upgraded features that include a mechanism to hold used and warped cores in place during cutting cycle

Webex To Manufacture Carbon Fiber Bridge Mandrels

In addition to in-house manufacturing, company will refurbish and repair mandrels for hydraulic mount flexo presses

Web Lines | Why Is Winding Optimization Difficult?

Winding is hard work—hard on your brain. Are you ready to get your Ph.D. in web handling?

Maxson Bowed Rolls Smooth Out Wrinkles

Bowed rolls in carrier system of paper sheeters will smooth out wrinkles, said to be especially valuable when running multiple lightweight webs

Parkinson Technologies Invites Students to Facility

To help raise awareness about US manufacturing and spark interest in industrial careers, company opens its doors to local high school students

Goldenrod Redesigns Core Plug Cart

The new Model 405 Coyote core plug cart is more compact and is said to allow better operator visibility

Litco Adds New Sizes to Core Plug Line

Company says new tooling adds choices in line of plugs made from proprietary molding process

Do You Need a Roller That Is Chillin' and Groovy?

Web handling expert Timothy J. Walker of TJWalker+ Assoc. describes options for solving air lubrication of a big chilled or heated roller.

Webex Will Introduce Seamless Vacuum Roll

Company will display new roll, which is said to provide consistent grip across the web, at ChinaPlas 2014

Keene Technology Now Owned by Quantum Design

President and VP of Quantum will now also serve in those roles at KTI, with expectations of improving both products and service

ITW Muller Pallet Wrapper Now in New Size

With a new 40-in. carriage, the GW-4100 robotic pallet wrapper offers more speed, throughput, and battery life

J.W. Winco Expands Line of Anti-Vibration Mounts

The line, which now includes a full range of inch and metric sizes, features mounts said to absorb most accumulated kinetic energy on impact

Menges Roller Wins AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award

The award is for company’s use of computational fluid dynamics to design better heat transfer rollers

Maxson Offers Intelligent Sheeter Decurl Unit

Unit is programmed to treat web curl automatically as roll unwinds, saving time for the operator and permitting best practice routines

Appleton Mfg. Div. Customizes Butt Roll Slabber

Using its Safe-Slab concept, company fulfills customer request for a combination of manual loading and powered removal of butt rolls

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