Montalvo Introduces Load Cell

The XN Cantilever Load Cell is loaded with features said to make it a cost-effective drop-in component for tension measuring

Web Lines | Unwritten Rules, Now Written

Here are 3 web handling rules Tim Walker keeps forgetting to tell you

Web Handling Conference Coming Up

The 2015 International Conference on Web Handling at Oklahoma State University has a broad agenda for engineers and scientists

DFE Product Amplifies Tension Transducer Signal

The iAmp2 amplifier reportedly saves set-up time and simplifies web tension measurement

AIMCAL and SPE to Present Fall Conference

The two organizations join together for the second year to offer a Web Coating and Handling Conference

Optimation Announces Web Handling Workshops

The 2015 program begins in April with a class on web handling fundamentals

Stafford Offers Collars, Couplings, and Mounts

Off-the-shelf products, available in a broad range of sizes, configurations, and materials, are suited for many types of converting machinery

Should Unwind Tension Be Lower Than Winding Tension?

Once you've determined that you have a roll telescoping problem, here's how to solve it.

Butler Automatic Splicer Said to Add Efficiency

The SPI Automatic Film Splicer performs non-stop film changes in food and beverage packaging operations

Web Lines | How To Create an MD Running Fold in a Wide Web

Web handling expert Tim Walker offers three options for this folding process

AccuWeb Web Guide Controller Has Lighted Screen

The EVO 150 web guide controller features a lighted touch screen operator panel with icons for basic functions

Montalvo Safety Chucks Have New Features

Guardian chucks offer new handwheel, journal seat, and housing design

Maxcess Invests in Roll Center of Excellence

Company is investing $1.5 million as it redesigns Massachusetts facility to produce large-diameter Webex rolls

AccuWeb Web Guide Controller for Narrow Webs

The EVO 150 web guide controller can now perform DualEdge centerline guiding with one WideArray edge detector

Stafford Announces Weldable Shaft Collars & Couplings

Collars and couplings have features said to allow them to be modified to improve design options

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