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Voith Installs a VariFlex™ Winder at Copamex Mill in Chihuahua, Mexico

APPLETON, WI | Copamex recently installed a complete, new Voith VariFlex winder at its Chihuahua, Mexico, facility. With the new, reliable winder, the papermaker has increased its process capacity while making improvements to the plant’s safety. 

“Voith has been a great partner to us and with this recent winder installation, we’re significantly improving our production capability, reducing overall maintenance requirements and increasing safety at our mill,” said Arturo Contreras, project manager, Copamex. 

To achieve this success, Copamex turned to Voith and its VariFlex, a state-of-the-art winder, which has a special focus on enhancing productivity, improving quality and performing safely. Copamex considered several additional factors before awarding the project, including using a reliable and proven concept, getting fast delivery on the winder and a quick installation time. Voith’s process transparency and previous partnerships with Copamex were also considered valuable.

The Voith VariFlex winder, which has numerous installations worldwide, is an ideal fit based on Copamex’s expectations. Among the two-drum winder’s features are its easy web-threading, automated splice systems, one-step glue and perforation system, highly accurate slitters, vibration-controlling bearings and damping systems, and innovative automatic reel set changes. 

A short delivery time was provided by the Voith team who designed, assembled and tested the components at their facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. 

“The key factors for a successful project are time and transparency. With this set-up, we ensured both delivery in the shortest time and a hand-in-hand approach to this project. This began with personal meetings, a joined factory test in Appleton and a fully supported start-up by our experienced start-up engineers,” said Alex Aerts, application engineer, Winders, Voith Paper.


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