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QC Electronics: Unrivaled Corona Treatment Solutions

QC Electronics specializes in the manufacture of robust, quality corona treaters that deliver above-average results. We are known for pushing the boundaries of corona treatment since our inception in 1988. QC’s team is driven by a passion for the craft and a commitment to top-notch quality.

About our people

As a family-owned and operated company specializing in the manufacture of cutting-edge corona treatment systems, our close-knit group embodies a unique blend of camaraderie and expertise. QC fosters an environment where questions are embraced, and authenticity prevails. The company has cultivated an approachable, collaborative, passionate team capable of delivering proven solutions in every project undertaken.

About our equipment

Proprietary Technology +
Unique Design

Every facet of our operations is designed to ensure longevity and dependability in our equipment. Renowned for a robust and powerful build, QC corona treaters have become synonymous with longevity. We take pride in being the exclusive manufacturer of corona treaters featuring our proprietary technology and design. Operating on unique technology and crafted with premium techniques and materials, the quality of the equipment is undeniable. Our adherence to premium construction paired with cutting-edge technology emphasizes our commitment to establishing corona treatment as an enduring and dependable process.

Smart Corona - Better Results

QC’s corona treaters combine reliability with intelligent features. Each unit boasts autonomous power control and advanced options such as electronic air gap adjustment. We uniquely generate the corona field, safeguarding materials from electric field-related damage—an innovation exclusive to QC. Our technology allows us to treat a wider range of materials than typical corona treaters, opening new doors for both QC Electronics and our customers. We remain the sole manufacturer presenting corona discharge in this distinctive manner.

New in 2024: Double Corona Treater Demo Line

QC Electronics is set to unveil a cutting-edge lab line April of 2024. The line will include an Advantage bare roll corona treater and a TNT Touch N’ Treat covered roll corona treater capable of treating webs up to 60” wide with single or double-sided treatment. Equipped with tension control and advanced features, this production line replicates those found in customer facilities. This addition allows for efficient processing of short job runs, enabling customers to explore both new and existing processes.

Product Catalogue

Corona Treaters

  • Advantage Narrow Web Corona Treater

        Our compact yet highly reliable narrow web corona treater defies the norm. A unique design that ensures reliability doesn’t shrink with size.

  • Mid-Wide Web Corona Treaters

        QC Electronics stands out prominently in mid-wide web corona treaters. Our Advantage and TNT models offer unparalleled durability, establishing themselves as the workhorses of their class.

  • Sheet Corona Treaters
  • Lab Corona Treaters
  • Plasma Treaters
  • Custom Corona Treaters
  • Corona Treater Generators up to 40.0-Kilowatt

Parts and Services

  • Ceramic Electrodes
  • Rolls, Coatings and Recovery
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Lab Testing
  • Consulting
  • Custom Solutions

Visit our website at www.qcelectronics.com for a full product offering.

Contact Us

Alyxandria Klein

Marketing and Sales Director

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +1 608 742 1661

Website: www.qcelectronics.com

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