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Leadership in Converting through Static Control Solutions

TAKK Industries is an early innovator in the static elimination field, originating best in class static control solutions since 1943. TAKK continues as a leading provider of static control expertise, with cutting edge static control and static generation technologies for the converting, printing, packaging, textile and allied industries. Our technical team with decades of expertise delivers static control process evaluations and specification of our high performance, quality static elimination and generation technologies to fit the unique requirements of each company we work with. We pride ourselves on technology driven solutions, built to last and economically priced.

TAKK provides a comprehensive range of solutions:

Static Elimination Bars – precision engineered tools with the exact electronic power, ionization range and scope to solve your specific static problem.

Static Elimination Blowers – combining powerful ionization with controlled air flow, an encompassing field, and extended range of static elimination.

Electro-Static Generators and Generator Bars – a low cost, effective method of temporary adhesion and pinning through the bonding force of static electricity.

Passive Static Eliminators – led by our low cost, effective anti-static tinsel, and outstanding line of no power needed static neutralizers.

Measuring and Monitoring Devices – static meters and bar testers for analysis.

We are in the solutions business. Providing economical solutions, through quality products and technical services. Solving the costly static problems frequently experienced by our customers in the fields of converting, packaging, plastics, printing, painting, electronic assembly and textiles. We serve end users of static elimination equipment and original equipment manufacturers, nationally and internationally.

TAKK Industries

Terrance Clark

Sales Manager


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