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Leader in Anilox Roll and Sleeve Cleaning

Sonic Solutions has been a leader in the converting industry for nearly 24 years. They first started because a printer was having problems with their water based inks ruining their anilox rolls. Sonic Solutions provides ultrasonic cleaning systems for any sized anilox roll or sleeve. From 6 inches to over 10 feet. Today, thousands of printers throughout the world rely on Sonic Solutions anilox cleaning systems. The current family-owned business developed a wide range of cleaning systems for printers ranging from the narrowest of anilox rolls to the largest possible anilox sleeves.

Joe and Marie Walczak personally talk to printers every day and help them solve their printing problems. When a printer has problems matching or maintaining their densities it’s usually caused by a dirty roll. So then the press needs to stop and no one wants that. A stopped press adds up to thousands of dollars of lost revenue. No one can afford this!

Coming to the rescue is Sonic Solutions. They can provide the best system for your needs. Sonic Solutions uses ultrasonics to gently and safely clean your anilox. It’s really the perfect way to clean them. The tiniest of crevices of the ceramics are subject to the cleaning strength of ultrasonics. In their cleaning systems the ultrasonic power gently vacuums the anilox of any built up dirt and debris. Ultrasonics isn’t a wash or a blasting system. It’s better and safer. Ultrasonics is the same technology used to sterilize medical instruments in hospital operating rooms as well as components used in space by NASA. Shouldn’t your anilox’s be cleaned in the same safe and thorough manner?

Sonic Solutions has evolved their systems to be one of the safest in the industry using the most recent developments in the ultrasonic industry. While others still use lower frequencies, Sonic Solutions has standardized all of their equipment to utilize ultrasonics at 68 kHz. The smaller bubbles are able to go into the smallest of cells and clean the anilox safely and completely. No need to worry about the highest of line counts you have. The company has also made the equipment more durable, reliable and serviceable. The plug and play power generators can quickly be replaced with loaner generators to keep the systems and your cleaning operations up and running. No waiting for a month or more for replacement parts or repairs with some international companies.

Want to kick the tires a bit? Sonic Solutions has the ability to prove to you that the system will work with YOUR very own rolls and sleeves. You can send your rolls to the company and they will clean them for you and send them back. Or they can even offer a demo of the equipment directly at your plant. Keep the system for a week or so and see what kind of an impact it has on your business. Just to warn you though, once you have a demo in your plant you won’t want to give it up. Customers usually buy the system because they are already saving money on using it.

Call or email Joe Walczak today to see how they can start making your company more money. He can be reached toll free at 877/654-7800 or emailed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

He’ll be happy to chat with you to learn more about your company and how Sonic Solutions can make a difference in your company’s profits today.

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