Metallizing Makeover

Celplast reinvents its business model to focus on value-added specialty films.

Optimize Slitter Performance

Tidland will host a free e-seminar to help converters better utilize their existing slitting equipment. "Optimize Slitter Performance" will begin at 2 PM EST on Thursday, March 16th.

Slitting New Product Digest

Find the latest slitter installations, equipment, and technology from: Titan, Ashe Converting Equipment, Mario Cotta, REM Mfg., Dienes Werke, Deacro, Soma Engineering, Rotoflex, and Tidland.

Why Isn't Your Slitter Running?

Walk by any slitter and more likely than not, it won’t be running. Why? Besides having no input material or no demand for slitting, your slitter likely is not running because the slitter operator is busy doing all the work needed to support the slitter. Your slitter may not be running, but I bet your slitter operator is.

Slitting & Rewinding Fundamentals for Converters

This two-day seminar will cover processes and problems, with numerous speakers covering a variety of topics.

Climate Control

Everyone knows what a mess humidity can make of your hair. You should see what a lack of humidity does to film.

Brave New Slitting World

With run speeds in excess of 600 meters per minute, set-up times down to mere minutes, and today’s technology of laser positioning knives and cores, turret rewinds, automatic discharge onto conveyors, labeling and pre-shrinking the material to be ready for dispatch, slitting has entered a new era.

Taming Plastics

Plastics may be flexible, brittle, or stretchable; thin, medium, or thick; clear to opaque; really easy to tear, easy to tear, tough to tear, or impossible to tear; have excellent "memory" or have no "memory"; react readily to heat or don’t react to heat at all; allow air to pass through them or actually prevent bullets from passing through them. You get the picture. So how do you cut, crease, and perforate such incredibly diverse (and perverse) materials

Custom Slitter a Basic Success

Converdis, a div. of Cascades Paper and a manufacturer and distributor of packaging products, produces 55,000 metric tons/yr at its Berthierville, QC,

Slitting Debris: Cracking the Case

Dust and debris are a common but unwanted side product of slitting. Slitting debris comprises the small particles that break off a product's edge during the slitting process. It is created through fracture and abrasion. Uncontrolled slitting debris will lead to defects in your customer's product and equipment downtime.

Shear Slitting Can Provide Advantages

Fast & Flawless

Spectratek is converting thin-gauge holographic films at high speeds, thanks to new equipment from Stanford Products.

Titan Slitter Is the Choice for Spanish Converter

Plsticos Industriales S.A., Valencia, Spain, recently commissioned a new, fully automated Titan SMA 900 slitter/rewinder from Valmet Converting in an

Dead On Slit Rolls

When is overkill good? When you need to go beyond what's normally required. "We're there," says RTG Films, Chalfont, PA. With Deacro, it jumped into precision slitting and now gives its customers... DEAD ON Slit Rolls

Stripe Slitting: The Challenge of Staying within the Lines

Lines make life more difficult. Remember coloring as a child. At first it was just you, your crayons, white paper, and free expression. Life was easy.

The Catbridge Difference

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