Platinum Packaging Adds Elite Cameron

PARAMOUNT, CA | Platinum Packaging recently installed a new 63-in. wide Elite Cameron CW slitter. “We decided to bring all our slitting in-house,” says Nick Lowe, president. “This significant investment has enabled us to provide a better service to our customers with total control of the process, which is very important when the product is used directly in the food packaging sector.”

Platinum was very careful with its selection of options, focusing on items to reduce setup times and provide consistent high quality product, such as automatic tension control, differential rewind shafts, and laser knife and core positioning. The company specified a custom paint finish and added decals for a personal touch.

“The machine runs exceptionally well on all grades of film producing high quality reels for the consumer. We are so pleased with the performance we have launched a contract/toll slitting side to our business,” says Lowe.

The machine has 36-in. unwind and 24-in. rewind capacity and is equipped with shear and razor slitting for all types of films and paper.

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