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Single Source Solutions for the Press Room

Provident, LLC knows what it’s like to work in the press room—they’ve been there themselves. That’s why they’ve built the company on the knowledge they’ve gained as pressroom professionals, and why they make products designed by people who know what works best in a busy production space. Provident can help you minimize downtime by up to 75% and increase productivity, while limiting waste of inks, substrates, and production time.

Provident offers custom doctor blades and end seals fit for your application, in addition to, flexographic cleaning chemistry and press room supplies.

Doctor Blades

With optimal combinations of straightness and flatness, edge finish, surface finish, strength and wear resistance, you can count on Provident doctor blades to deliver unparalleled quality. We offer a complete selection of premium doctor blades available in a variety of alloys and tips.

  • Steel
  • Nano-Treated by PrimeBlade
  • Coated
  • Synthetic
  • Mylar

End Seals

Provident offers a complete selection of FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE end seals that deliver long-lasting performance and are important in extending the life of your doctor blades. These seals outperform the competition because of superior materials and a proprietary machining process that creates a better seal. Made in the USA.

Pressroom Supplies

Provident can help you source Troika products, anilox roll cleaning products, defect marking systems, and anilox and plate inspection systems.

Provident LLC

2319 E Pensar Dr., Appleton, WI 54911

Phone: 920-733-5415

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web: providentblades.com

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