Rogers Corp. Receives Chinese Honors

ROGERS, CT | Rogers Corp., a global leader in the development and manufacture of high performance engineered materials, has recently received two award honors from the Chinese government.

The first award, “Level A Credit Company for Labor Security,” was given to Rogers for its labor compliance and positive management of its employees. The award is based on Rogers having met or exceeded labor compliance requirements during the last two years, including cooperation with the local Chinese labor union and the high audit scores Rogers received related to labor compliance audits.

Only 132 companies of the 17,000 doing business in the Suzhou Industrial Pk. (SIP) received the Level A award.  Suzhou Industrial Pk. is a planned industrial, commercial and residential community where thousands of companies, including many of the largest corporations in the world, have established facilities.

The Level A recognition permits award winners to extend labor-related permits by one year and to use a streamlined method for future labor audits, which reduces the frequency of audits. The Level A award also allows recipient companies to market this recognition, which can be used to help attract high caliber employees to the company.

The second award, “Jiangsu Provincial May 1, 2010, Honorary Labor Medal”, was given to Rogers’ VP of Asia, Michael Sehnert, by the Jiangsu Labor Union Bureau for outstanding performance, achievement and contribution to society in Jiangsu Province.  Nomination of Sehnert was made by the Suzhou Industrial Pk. where Rogers’ main campus in China is located.

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