Hand-Held Video Microscope Provides Critical Viewing

CARLSTADT, NJ | Quality Control Co. of Beta Industries introduces MICRO DOTTIE 2, a USB , CMYK/Spot color contrasting video microscope with digital micrometer for critical viewing, analysis, and PC image capture. Fine print and other details are viewed, analyzed, and stored to the PC in a compact, hand-held video viewer that portably operates from a desk, lab, on a press cylinder, or virtually anywhere else, the company reports. At 40x magnification, user can view register marks, coating and printing defects, or small mechanical or electrical components. At 140x magnification, it’s said the finest halftone dot details are clearly visible across the 0.yyy in. (mm) field of view while trapping deficiency, ink defects, and coating artifacts are easily identified for correction.

Low-contrast yellow ink images are electronically contrasted to make register, halftone dots, and any other details stand out as a high contrast black image. The same function is used for cyan and magenta. A 10-day free trial policy is offered.

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