High-Precision Board Sheeter Auto Splices

SHEBOYGAN, WI | Pemco, a Körber PaperLink Group co., introduces its SHM 1650 DR (dual rotary) high-precision folio-size sheeter equipped with a new automatic splice and high-speed automatic pallet change system. Designed especially to efficiently serve the folding carton converting and printing industry, both the 1650 and 1450 DR sheeters are said suitable for a variety of products converted to an unlimited range of sheet sizes. Available in working widths of 1,450 mm and 1,650 mm to support the maximum capabilities of a user’s printing equipment. The automatic splice feature allows the reduction of roll changes to save as much as 6 hr/day with minimal or n production speed reduction. Two versions of the automatic splice are offered at speeds of 150 m/min or 300 m/min.

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