Microwave Pack 2009

The Packaging Group announces Microwave Pack 2009, reportedly the first major conference on microwave packaging in over a decade. Renown for its timely conferences covering the latest advances in packaging technology, The Packaging Group’s Managing Director Stan Sacharow comments, “This is a much needed update on the current state of the multi-billion dollar industry for the packaging of microwavable foods.”

Program Director Bob Schiffmann, president of R.F. Schiffmann Associates, Inc., promises a powerful program including leading experts in:

  • Susceptor technology
  • Steam packs
  • Microwavable retort pouches
  • And more

“This is the time that the food industry needs to know about what’s new, what’s available, and what’s on the horizon in Microwave Packaging.”

Two Major Short Courses on November 3 will precede the conference:

  • Understanding Microwave Packaging: The ABC’s of Microwave Packaging
  • Understanding Microwave Ovens: Technology, Myths $& Reality – How it Relates to your Products

Schiffmann, a major microwave consultant with nearly 50 years of microwave oven experience will teach both courses.

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