Next Generation Films Meets Increased Film Demand

LINCOLN, RI | Next Generation Films, claimed the largest film extruder in Ohio, has experienced 100% sales growth in the past four years. Dave Frecka, founder of Next Generation in Lexington, OH, purchased a fourth high-output, three-layer VAREX film coextrusion line from Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp. to help sustain the company’s growth. The new line, with an 87-in. working width and Filmatic T dual turret winder, is anticipated to be in full production in fall 2009.

The equipment acquisition is expected to strengthen Next’s status as a leading innovator in its field and will contribute to lowering the company’s carbon footprint. As the result of patent-pending nanotechnology, Next has developed proprietary nylon barrier alternatives that help reduce raw material use while producing three-layer films that are both recyclable and stronger than other five- and seven-layer films. The film technology complements Next’s status as a net-zero scrap producer for operating a 100,000-sq-ft wind-powered recycling center where scrap is repelletized and used in-house.

Frecka explains, “W&H lines are the best in the world. They helped us get to $100 million in sales. With the addition of the three-layer VAREX and another W&H machine that we plan to buy later in the year, we will be well positioned to meet the demand of Fortune 500 contracts and to reach our goal of $200 million in the next five years.”

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