Metallic UltraLustre IML Decorates Drink Cups

FAIRFIELD, NJ | Unifoil Corp. partners with IGH Solutions, Inver Grove Hts., MN, to manufacture cups that help build a brand with dazzling graphics and messaging. An in-mold-label decorated cup incorporates UltraLustre, a Unifoil patent-pending and award-winning technology, available in metallic silver and or any stock or custom holographic design. It’s said ideal for use as a stadium cup at entertainment venues such as theme parks, sports events, and concerts, and as a collectible. The new metallic KRÔM cups manufactured by IGH Solutions provide consumers with a premium item that stands up to the rigors of reuse or long-term handling. Unique, eye-catching KRÔM cups that host brand graphics and messages are claimed the newest marketing innovation available to end-users and marketing decision makers.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Unifoil Corporation on this exciting application,” says Ed Dedman, Product Manager at IGH Solutions. “Innovation drives business and the metallic UltraLustre material is a perfect solution, which has allowed us to create a unique product for our customers.”

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