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Global Study Addresses Barrier Films & Coatings

BURNSVILLE, MN | Allied Development Corp. has published a global study of the barrier materials used in the flexible packaging market. The study, Barrier Films and Coatings
2008 to 2012 for Barrier Flexible Packaging,” examines the market potential, economics, environmental impact, and technologies of all barrier materials used in flexible packaging.

The study focuses on materials that provide oxygen transmission rates from zero to 77.5 cc/m2/day (5 cc/100in.2/day) and/or moisture vapor transmission rates from zero to 2.5 gm/m2/day (0.16 gm/100in.2/day).

In the market analysis, the underlying drivers and trends of this industry are examined. The potential for each barrier material is analyzed separately. In addition, historical and future consumption is projected quantitatively for each material through 2012.

Several cases are used to examine the economics of barrier materials at various levels of oxygen barrier. It also presents the change in these relationships through time. Additional cases examine the economics of materials that can provide a high level of barrier to water vapor, also analyzed through time.

The barrier properties provided in this study were carefully normalized to the same test conditions. This makes it possible to accurately compare the barrier properties of these materials. The Technology section also examines the relationship of barrier properties to temperature, humidity, and other variables. It also identifies and examines emerging technology important to the future of barrier flexible packaging.

The study is available in electronic or print versions for $4,500. Additional print copies are $500 per copy shipping charges are $25 per copy. For more information or to order, visit: www.allied-dev.com.

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