Graphic Packaging Launches Paperboard Packaging Website

MARIETTA, GA | Graphic Packaging Intl., Inc., a subsidiary of Graphic Packaging Holding Co., has launched a public website to provide the layperson with environmental information about paperboard.

A statement from spokesperson Andy Johnson, director of sustainability, explains, “The environmental impact of packaging material is very important to our customers and consumers. Relevant data on paperboard has been limited and is often confusing. We developed a public website that is intentionally easy to understand and educates both customers and consumers about the environmental value inherent in paperboard packaging. After reviewing this site, we believe customers and consumers will better understand the sustainable benefits paperboard packaging brings to our environment.”

Website subject matter includes life cycle of both fiber and packaging, trees as a renewable natural resource, reusability of fiber and its recyclability, forest management, related links, and frequently asked questions. The new website can be seen at

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