P-S Tape Protects Calendering & Extruding Rollers

SAUNDERSTOWN, RI | DeWAL Industries is manufacturing a PTFE tape that is said to drastically reduce friction and wear on high-speed extrusion coating equipment. This pressure-sensitive tape combines a filled PTFE (Teflon) film, which enhances key performance characteristics, coated with a high-temperature silicone adhesive. It has extremely high tensile strength, increased wear properties, and high temperature resistance.

“This is unlike any of our other PTFE tapes on the market,” said Christopher Brooks, director of sales and marketing. “We developed it for a specific aviation/aerospace maintenance application, but with continuous improvement, we have been able to make it a cost-efficient option for coating rollers in the extrusion coating industry and other roller applications.”

It is now being used to wrap rollers that produce polyethylene coatings and laminations, rollers that calender paper, and rollers that revolve at very high speeds and high temperatures in classified industries. Temperature tolerance is up to 500 deg F (260 deg C).

D/W 663 is manufactured in widths from 0.25 in. to 20 in. (6.35mm to 508mm) in 36-yard (32.9m) lengths. D/W 663 is orange/brown in color.

See http://www.dewal.com

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