New Custom High-Performance Rollstock Program from Rollprint

ADDISON, IL | A new stock program is announced by Rollprint Packaging Products that’s suited for custom, high-performance, engineered rollstock products, allowing lower volume orders.

The stock program includes multiple high-performance materials, including easy-open, peelable structures and foil composites for pouches and lidding applications, including medical device, pharma, nutraceuticals, life sciences, and other consumer goods.

Among the high-speed flow wrap materials are ClearFoil barrier-coated polyester or aluminum foil coupled with an aggressive sealant. Products that are granular, powdered, liquid, solid, and others can benefit for such applications as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemicals.

The stock program is also said to help end users minimize upfront validation costs, while permitting the use of robust products for launch requirements.

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