Unilux Pocket Pixel Goes For 'Green'

SADDLE BROOK, NJ | The new Unilux Pocket Pixel, with zero ozone emissions and twice the light of any pulsed LED inspection light in its class, was featured in “Gather on the Green,” the showcase for the latest in green and sustainable technology at LabelExpo Americas 2008. The battery-powered Pocket Pixel is a pulsed LED light for high-speed inspection applications in printing and converting plants that doubles the output of any other LED strobe in its class.

The Pocket Pixel uses its unique reflector design to focus 30-percent-brighter light on narrow web label presses and other printing and converting equipment for inspection applications at full production speeds where space is tight. LED strobe lights can be more effective than Xenon strobes in applications where high flash rates are needed or longer pulse durations are acceptable.

The Pocket Pixel's flash rates of up to 50,000 flashes per minute are far beyond the limitations of a Xenon lamp, and LED strobes become brighter at higher rates. This allows users to adjust flash duration from 10 to 250 microseconds. Shorter flash durations allow for detailed inspection of bar codes and fine print by minimizing motion blur, while longer durations provide more light for larger print and repeats. Users can set the flash rate for the best balance in light intensity and flash duration.

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