AVT & GMI Plan Strong Presence at Labelexpo Europe

HOD-HASHARON, ISRAEL | AVT (Advanced Vision Technology) and GMI (Graphic Microsystems, Inc., an AVT co.) will present a full range of 100% Automatic Inspection, Quality Assurance and Remote Ink Control solutions with new capabilities for the labels and narrow web market on stand 6H60, as well as on its partners’ stands, at Labelexpo Europe, September 23—26, 2009, in Brussels.

Combined innovative AVT and GMI technologies, based on an enhanced PrintVision/Helios II 100% quality assurance platform and MicroColor NW remote ink control platform, reportedly increase productivity, reduce waste during makeready and run time, and improve press and rewinder utilization, to deliver higher quality product to customers and increased profitability to printers.

AVT is presenting a new comprehensive solution for on-line verification of barcodes, data-matrix codes and variable data, integrated into its top-of-the line print inspection solutions. The AVT PrintVision/Helios II can inspect and verify UPC barcodes, 2D Data Matrix barcodes, and human readable information. The system performs 100% verification of all barcodes and is able to detect and immediately alert press or rewinder operators of any barcode quality or readability problems. The PrintVision/Helios II’s easy-to-use interface makes set-up and inspection of barcodes and variable data items fast and intuitive.

The system also supports the new E-Pedigree FDA regulations to “track and trace” pharmaceuticals from manufacturer to customer, protecting consumers from contaminated or counterfeit medicines or drugs. The PrintVision/Helios II verifies and validates these unique codes, and alerts and reports on print quality and validity, as well as duplicated or missing codes.

The PrintVision/Helios II is now able to have bi-directional communication with MIS systems in the print production environment, receiving relevant job data from production, and sending quality information to MIS. This sharing of information contributes to shorter set-up times, increased automation, and eliminates the need to re-enter information (preventing possible data entry errors). By adding more accurate information to MIS systems, better control over raw materials and the production process can be achieved.

GMI MicroColor NW is a new generation remote ink control for label and narrow web applications. Designed to support offset and letterpress, MicroColor NW provides significant remote color control during set-up and run time. With a new intuitive touch screen interface, supporting CIP3 digital pre-setting, this product is the most accurate and durable of its kind and has been adopted by leading press manufacturers. Working in conjunction with the PrintVision/Helios II, operators can immediately identify any color shift and easily handle color changes detected early in the process by the PrintVision/Helios II.

Since the assurance given by the PrintVision/Helios II enables presses and rewinders to be run faster, delivering faster while controlling 100% of the material 100% of the time, productivity is increased. The PrintVision/Helios II also contributes to significant reductions in costly material waste, ink and tooling while improving the use of manpower and machine time. The PrintVision/Helios II ensures the printing of the right jobs, to the right quantity and quality, preventing time-consuming and loss-making reprints. Each of these benefits reduces the cost of quality and contributes to customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

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