Waldorf IML Process Reduces Costs, Speeds Delivery

ST. CHARLES, IL | Waldorf Technik, an international manufacturer of modular IML systems, has introduced a process called “roll-flex IML,” that allows production of IML labels inline. This is said to lead to cost reductions and increased attractiveness of the IML process for injection molders and their customers.

The biggest obstacles to overcome were the high unit prices of packaging and the insufficient supply of IML labels in areas where the process is still emerging, like North America, the Middle East, Africa or Asia. In a newly developed system concept, Waldorf Technik and Schober GmbH have created a solution to eliminate these obstacles. With roll-flex® IML, the pre-punched labels that were previously required have been replaced by printed rolls and the punching process is undertaken by the IML robots.

The benefits for injection molders and their customers are obvious: They reduce costs and can purchase the labeling materials everywhere. The unit price of the label and the full packaging is therefore significantly reduced.

The previous advantage of the highflex IML Module (1—8 cavities and all common label shapes can be variably processed) is fully maintained in the new roll-flex® IML process, and the setup times are still under 30 min. The most advantageous benefit of this new technology, the company explains, is the label’s purchasing process. This means significant improvements for injection moulders and their customers with respect to purchasing costs, prices and delivery times.

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