Winding & Web Handling Schools Are in Session

SCHILLER PK., IL | The Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators held its “Winding: Machines, Mechanics & Measurements” Converting School session near Chicago on May 14–15 with Dr. David Roisum as host and instructor. PFFC editor Yolanda Simonsis dropped in for a brief visit to witness the experience.

PFFC learned the advantage of having a small group allows attendees to receive virtually one-on-one attention for specific problems they experience on the job. The event followed a previous two-day event on “Web Handling & Converting,” also instructed by Roisum.

Classroom instruction for all Converting School events includes a take-home presentation textbook, but it’s the free exchange of real-life problems with objective, suggested solutions that makes this series of courses so valuable to attendees. For details on the Converting School series of courses and workshops, visit:

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