PowerID Announces Release of Smaller and Improved RFID Labels

PETAH TIKVA, ISRAEL | PowerID Ltd., reportedly an industry leader in battery-assisted, passive (BAP) RFID technology, has introduced smaller, improved versions of its EPCglobal Class 1, Generation 2-compliant PowerG and PowerM BAP labels.

Since PowerID released its Gen. 2 BAP labels in April 2008, the market has responded positively, and a number of sizable contracts have been concluded with high profile customers. In addition, since the original release, a number of partners and customers with unique applications necessitating the tagging of small items in challenging environments have requested that PowerID reduce the label size in order to address these applications.

By releasing the new smaller labels, PowerID continues to respond to market demand for an RFID label that provides high reliability, is affordable, and is available in a thin, flexible label form factor.

Building on PowerID’s five years of experience as the leaders in the BAP field, the labels provide optimal performance through a unique combination of technologies. These technologies include PowerID’s patented thin and flexible power source integrated with leading-edge antenna and manufacturing technologies. The result is a fully converted, high performing, pressure-sensitive label now available in a smaller footprint.

The new PowerG and PowerM labels are, respectively, 56% and 62% smaller than previous versions. Yet, at the same time, the smaller size does not compromise label performance. The PowerG label is designed for general asset tracking such as challenging pallets, and the PowerM is designed for tracking metal assets. The smaller labels address the needs of organizations searching for high performance Gen. 2 RFID labels for challenging applications. For example, the PowerM label is designed for tracking assets such as laptops; when applied to metal, the label can be read from up to 40 meters.

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