Pregis Launches 'Advantage Team' Customer Service

DEERFIELD, IL | Pregis Corp., a supplier of protective packaging solutions, has launched The Advantage Team customer service brand and “we make it happen” tagline. During challenging economic times when other protective packaging suppliers are centralizing and consolidating customer service, Pregis is reinforcing its commitment to its customers by branding its regional approach.

The Advantage Team foundation is built upon five fundamental brand values: innovation, flexibility, collaboration, quality and speed.

The company operates seven customer service centers across the US – three each on the West and East Coasts, plus one in the Midwest. The regional centers are staffed by employees with an average of five-plus years with the company. The employment longevity adds to the knowledge base and ability to meet or exceed the customer's requirements.

The brand values and operating structure for The Advantage Team were derived from hands-on experience and feedback from customer-satisfaction surveys. Pregis wanted to make sure that it focused its service on deliverables that would be most beneficial to its customers.

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