DuPont Experimental Station Commemorates Milestone Centennial Anniversary

WILMINGTON, DE, USA—The Delaware dignitaries were on hand Tuesday to help DuPont commemorate the 100th anniversary of its Experimental Station. "Home to some of the world's most important scientific discoveries, the DuPont Experimental Station yesterday marked its 100th anniversary," says the co. press release. Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner, DuPont chairman/CEO Chad Holliday, DuPont chief science & technology officer Tom Connelly, and more than 1,000 Experimental Station employees marked the milestone at a ceremony in Wilmington.

"When the Experimental Station opened in 1903," explains Holliday, "the focus was to diversify from our origins in gunpowder manufacturing to become a chemicals and materials company. One hundred years later—in the midst of our third transformation—we are a global science company that puts science to work. While much has changed since 1903, two essential characteristics have remained constant: What we value—our high ethical standards, respect for people, and commitment to safety, health and the environment—and how we create value for society—by applying science and knowledge to improve life on our planet," he adds.

According to DuPont, as one of the first research facilities of its kind in the world, the 150-acre campus-style site serves as the primary research and development facility for DuPont. The company overall operates more than 75 research and development facilities globally, including 35 outside the United States.

"The Experimental Station is home to the discovery and development of virtually every major DuPont product since 1903—including neoprene, nylon, Kevlar and Nomex advanced fibers, Lycra spandex, Tyvek nonwovens, Corian solid surfaces, and Suva refrigerants," states DuPont. "Today nearly 2,000 scientists and researchers—including 600 with Ph.D.s—pursue science-based solutions for global markets."

The Station continues to pursue new and innovative research avenues; DuPont says among the projects the facility's scientists and employees are working on now includes fuel cell energy sources, emerging flat-panel displays technologies, and bio-based materials produced from renewable resources like corn.

Delaware's Minner congratulated the company on this milestone and added, "Thanks, in large part to the presence of DuPont, Delaware is home to some of the leading research in the world, and the Experimental Station is at the heart of those efforts. Delawareans are very proud of the fact that products known the world over were born right here next to the Brandywine River."

To learn more about the Experimental Station, download a pdf created by DuPont by clicking here. Visit DuPont at

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