Montalvo Brake/Safety Chuck Data Sheet Available

GORHAM, ME | The Montalvo Corp. offers a free data sheet for its new V-KL high performance integrated brake/safety chuck package. The data sheet includes information on both the V-Series brakes and the KL-Series safety chucks, an "exploded" diagram of the system, photos of the V-KL and its parts, explanations of features and advantages for a variety of applications, and Montalvo contact information for purchasing and assistance in set up.

The V-KL offers roll users safe and solid capture of roll goods. The package is the V-Series brake and the KL-Series. Features of the new Montalvo V-KL package include reliable and cost-effective roll control; easy service; quick connect power supply; integral fan with unsurpassed heat dissipation; fits a wide range of shaft sizes; space saving configuration; and minimal downtime for pad changes.

To obtain a free data sheet, contact Montalvo at 800/226-8710;; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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