MSU Forum Fosters 'Connectivity'

EAST LANSING, MI | Michigan State Univ. will hold its Packaging Executives Forum II on January 27, 2009, on its main campus in Lansing, MI. Conducted by the School of Packaging, this second forum's program is designed “to bring together executive/senior level packaging professionals from across the nation to foster connectivity between participants, the companies they represent, the School and our College.“

At the Forum, the school will officially announce the establishment of the Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability. To be housed at the School of Packaging, the Center will serve as a think tank for packaging innovation and sustainability and a research and education hub for work focused on measuring and reducing the environmental impact of packaging.

Presentation topics will include “Scientific Update on Sustainability: Academics not Hype”; “Cost/Profit Considerations: Wise Application of Sustainable Approaches to Packaging Systems,” ”Holistic Approach to Sustainable Initiatives: Avoiding Single Issue Approaches and Unintended Consequences,” “Less is More but How Much Less”: Rethinking Packaging/Product Effects of Sustainable,” and more.

The early registration fee is $385 if received by January 1; $435 thereafter. For more information, visit

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