Seminars for Engineers Moves Date of Web Handling Seminar

MADISON, NJ | A series of two-day seminars, entitled Seminars for Engineers, is produced by Sensor Products, Inc. The company has rescheduled it’s previously planned August 19–20 seminar called "Web Handling I: Understanding Web Handling Systems," to September 15-16 in Raleigh, NC. The seminar provides attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to diagnose existing processes and use proven best practices for new products and processes.

Web Handling I specifically covers areas of web handling, including tension control, rollers design and alignment, nips, guiding, wrinkling, and spreading. The training will address these topics at all levels, providing rules of thumb and their basis in engineering mechanics. The extensive class notes include hundreds of notes and illustrations to help convey advanced concepts.

Among those who will benefit from the course are product and process designers, process engineers, quality, sales/service, maintenance, and lead operators. The mechanics of web handling are reported applicable to any web-based product, whether paper, film, metals, nonwovens, textiles, or any combination of coated or laminated webs. Understanding web handling is said vital to anyone working with webs and web processes, including material suppliers, equipment and component suppliers.

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