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Schober to Showcase In-Line and Off-Line Converting Systems at Drupa

EBERDINGEN, GERMANY—Schober says at this year's Drupa it will be showing both in-line and off-line finishing technology for roll-rotary processing machines.

Schober will be exhibiting the following at Drupa:

  1. For the in-line or off-line production of RCB cigarette packaging, the rotary converting system model PBO 650 is equipped with rotary embossing, creasing, and cutting tools for long-grain production. This system is also equipped with an in-line rotary hot-foil application unit.

    The same system can be employed for the production of liquid packaging. Cutting and creasing is combined in one set of cylinders using the RSC Method, which means two functions in one set of cylinders.

  2. Single-drive technology will be introduced with the Vector Cut in a roll-to-roll converting machine. The digital servo drives offer precision and flexibility. This increases the efficiency of the production process and reduces the start-up costs.
  3. With the computer controlled laser cut and perforating system, Schober introduces another innovative in-line and off-line converting solution. This technology is primarily used to process and convert films, laminates, cartons, self-adhesive materials, and multi-layer paper.

    Economic efficiency and application flexibility are only a few outstanding characteristics of the CO2 laser integrated into this system.

  4. Rotary-punching technology will be demonstrated by punching premium foils and other samples with a rotary-punching machine, which has applications in the medical technology industry as well as the micro-electronic industry. Schober rotary-punching machines are built to customer specifications in working widths of 15 mm to 1000 mm, for the conversion of foils as thin as 0.015 mm.

Learn more about Schober at schober-gmbh.de.

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