Tidland's New Raptor Chucks Take a Bite Out of Downtime

CAMAS, WA, USA—A new chuck design unveiled by Tidland is easy to use and maintain, without the core damage usually associated with shaftless applications, reports the Maxcess Intl. co. According to Tidland Corporation, its new line of shaftless core chucks—the Raptor series—is a 3-in. air-powered lug chuck available immediately.

Designed for high speed printing, laminating, sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero-speed splicers, and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications, reports Tidland, the air-powered lug chuck reduces downtime and injury risk as well as increases productivity.

"Converters can improve splice reliability dramatically, increase operating speeds, and save time and money with repeated use of cores without damage to core ends, which can lead to excessive dust," states the co. "Wide-footprint lugs provide a consistent grip on the core, without damaging the inside. Ease of removal is maintained with pneumatic and mechanical retraction of lugs, ensuring that the lugs never ‘stick’ in the core," adds mfr.

Tidland also says, unlike many chucks on the market, its new air-powered lug chuck enables on-machine maintenance and toolless adapter changes from 3 to 6 in. cores in less than 30 seconds. Unique ergonomic benefits are provided to operators, says co., who will no longer have to remove the entire chuck from the machine for routine maintenance or core size changes. "All Raptor Series chucks are backed by a two-year warranty and Tidland Corporation’s proven record of outstanding customer service and support," adds the mfr.

For more information, contact Tidland customer service at 800/426-1000 or visit tidland.com

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